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The Educare Model

The Educare model is based on research from early childhood development, education, social work and other allied fields. Four core features compose the Educare model: data utilization, embedded professional development, high-quality teaching practices and intensive family engagement

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Educare Lincoln is designed to help children develop a positive self-concept, enhance their creativity, and enrich each child’s life socially, intellectually, and emotionally. Educare Lincoln provides an atmosphere of acceptance in which the individual needs of each child are considered and in which the child can flourish and grow under the guidance of qualified teachers with the support of their families.

Our Strategic Plan

A strategic plan was developed in 2018 to plan for the changing needs of Educare Lincoln and address the focus of our work. The Strategic Plan, created in collaboration with the Educare Leadership team and the Educare Lincoln Board of Directors, serves as a guide for the next four years as we strive to embed the characteristics of high quality early childhood programs into all we do within the Educare community. Furthermore, the plan serves as a constant reference point to assist the Board in maintaining the mission, integrity and support extended to Educare Lincoln’s school, staff and families.

The Champions Dinner

Join us for a Night of Dinner, Music and Celebration

Friday, August 9th, 2024