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A special message from Eastridge Elementary

From Meghan Schmidt’s second-grade class at Eastridge Elementary

Dressing the part at Kooser

Students and staff at Kooser Elementary dressed as pioneers on Nebraska’s 150th birthday.

Virtual tours at Kahoa Elementary

Fifth graders at Kahoa Elementary are using tour builder to go on a virtual tour of Nebraska.

Kahoa students create hats

Fourth-graders at Kahoa Elementary made hats representing state symbols & important places in our state.

In unison at Riley

Riley Elementary third graders took at break at recess to stop and sing our beautiful state happy birthday!

Leading the school in song, at Schoo Middle

Alycia Jurgens, Schoo Middle School vocal music teacher, leads the school in singing “Happy Birthday” to Nebraska over the intercom.

A state of sticky notes at Schoo Middle

Students completed an exit ticket sharing one thing they learned about Nebraska today, slide from a presentation about Nebraska History.

From Beattie Elementary …

From Calvert Elementary …

Students at Kooser Elementary sing ‘Happy Birthday’

Maxey students tie in birthday celebration with educational display

For their sesquicentennial studies, Maxey Elementary School specialists sponsored a bookmark contest. K-5 winners had copies made of their bookmarks for students and staff. In January, the teachers hosted singer Chris Sayre at Maxey. He told students about the pioneers and the 60,000 buffalo that roamed the prairie before Nebraska’s statehood. He played the dulcimer, […]

School-wide research project

A school-wide research project for the state sesquicentennial celebration is on display at Humann Elementary. Each teacher/class researched a city and the school created a display for all of them.

Students go ‘on the map’ at Fredstrom Elementary


County-by-county map of art by Humann Elementary

Fourth-grade students at Humann Elementary School created a collage of the Nebraska counties in honor of the sesquicentennial. They did this project in art class. Additionally, each teacher/class researched one Nebraska city and made a large display of those research projects.


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