Key and ID Card Information

LPS Staff Key Maintenance Procedures

Lincoln Public Schools is now able to track key assignments for all schools and building in the district as well as ID cards for staff through TMA.  This page contains the procedures for key management to LPS buildings and staff access cards.

Key Procedures

A form has been created to be used for issuance, return, and lost key(s) for Lincoln Public School District buildings.  Use the link below to access this form.  You will need to complete the Key Holder Information Section and Key Checkout Section by tabbing through the document.  Print the form, have the Agreement Section sign by employee, and retain a hard copy in your office.  Also save the document in DocuShare.

If you have any questions, please contact Facilities and Maintenance at 436-1072.   

LPS Staff ID Card Procedures

Refer to BA 44 located on the LPS Web Page under Business Affairs.

Special Non-LPS Staff ID Cards

All special non-LPS staff will need to complete a Special Non-LPS Staff Identification Card Application Form before they will be issued a Special Non-LPS Staff ID card.  Click on the link below to access the form.

Building Key Report