This department is responsible for the following items for the LPS District:

  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Federal Codes and Life Safety Codes
  • Designing Remodels (restrooms, etc.)
  • District Facilities Database (room numbers, square footage, room usage, etc.)
  • Facilities Inspections (interior, exteriors, roofs, floor coverings, etc.)
  • Geographic Information System (GIS, such as geocoding students, spatial data, etc.)
  • Maps (for District, Transportation, Students Services, ECSE, etc.)
  • Project Management and Coordination (IAQ relocation, portable buildings, new flooring, office furniture installation, etc.)
  • Specify District Equipment (ADA signs, playground equipment, etc.)
  • Surveying

With these duties comes direct contact and communication with City Planning, City Traffic, City Fire Inspector, Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Lincoln Public Schools Administrators and Principals.

Duane Smid

Facilities CAD/GIS Supervisor

Kevin Nelms

Facilities CAD/GIS Assistant Supervisor – Systems Coordinator