What is Archibus?

ARCHIBUS is Lincoln Public Schools room reservation system. If you are having a meeting or event for 2 or more participants this is where to go to complete your reservation.  Your reservation is your agreement for usage of Lincoln Public Schools facilities.

Your Reservations can be a single or reoccurring dates.  It is important to remember to cancel your reservations that you no longer need to avoid being billed for usage and to allow others to reserve the space.

All users will be required to supply their most recent copy of Liability Insurance yearly, even if LPS has an existing copy on file.  You can either upload when putting in your request or email to or fax to 402-436-1557.  The Certificate Holder should be:  Lincoln Public Schools    PO Box 82889   Lincoln, NE  68501-2889

If you have any questions or concerns email Jodi Cale at or call 82036.


Archibus Information

ARCHIBUS can send invitations to meeting attendees or other participants.

ARCHIBUS reservations will turn on associated HVAC equipment for your reservations in the buildings.

Help and Documentation

The following resources are only available to LPS staff

  • Click here for How to Approve or Reject Room and Resource Reservations
  • Click here for How to Create a Whole Building Reservation
  • Click here for How to Create a Wing Reservation
  • Click here for How to Cancel Whole Building or Wing Reservations
  • Click here for How to Run and View Reservation Reports