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Southwest High Library Hours

Q: When is the media center open?

A: The media hours for the 2015-2016 school year are 7:15 – 3:45, M – F.

Materials & Equipment

Q: How long may I borrow Southwest resources?

A: Books can be checked out for three weeks.  Reference books can be checked out for overnight use with the library media specialist’s permission.

Q: How often may I renew materials?

A: Items may be renewed repeatedly unless another student requests the materials, then we ask that that items be returned within the time period allotted.

Q: What audio visual equipment is available to students for school projects?

A: Students may borrow a digital video camera for school related projects. Students will be required to have a supervising teacher sign for these items. Audio visual equipment may not be removed from school premises as per district policy.


Q: Are there fines for materials not returned on time?

A: Yes. Fines accrue at 5 cents per day.

Q: What if I lose or damage materials or equipment that I have checked out from the library media center?

A: Students are responsible for any loss or damage to materials or equipment.

Interlibrary Loan

Q: May I borrow books from other schools in the district?

A: Yes. Contact your library media specialist if you need interlibrary loan assistance.

Q: Does the media center coordinate interlibrary loan with Lincoln City Libraries?

A: No. You will need to visit the Lincoln City Libraries to borrow materials, however, you may access the Lincoln City Libraries online catalog in the LSW Media Center.

Q: Does the media center coordinate interlibrary loan with Love Library at UNL?

A: No. We can, however, issue a form that will allow you to receive a student card for Love Library at UNL. Contact Ms. Schnell if you are interested and are 16 years of age, as this age minimum is a Love Library requirement.

Academic Databases

Q: What online databases are available for home use?
A: All the great resources you use at school are available at home; click our Databases page for LSW students. Or click on the Research 101 FOR HOME link in your sidebar. Remember: To access the databases away from school, login to the LSW Database Passwords link, or pick up a password card at the media center circulation desk.

Crediting Sources

Q: Where can I find information that will show me how to cite my sources?

A: Click here for access to websites which will assist you in creating MLA or APA bibliographical citations for reports: