Without the generous support of our donors, the annual LHS Athletic Hall of Fame event could not continue. In September, 2008, a separate fund was established at the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools entitled the “LHS Athletic Hall of Fame Fund” for the purpose of paying expenses related to the operation and administration of the LHS Athletic Hall of Fame. If you want to help see that the LHS Athletic Hall of Fame tradition continues the contribution form is available here. You may make your tax-deductible contribution to the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools on the form and it will be credited to the LHS Athletic Hall of Fame account.

Financial Contributions

The following have made monetary contributions to the LHS Athletic Hall of Fame account at the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools, since September 2008, when this account was started. Your Board of Directors thanks the following donors:

  • Dean & Ruth Clawson
  • Andy & Lu Loehr
  • Mick Zangari
  • Michael Lee
  • Robert Becker
  • Bill Betz
  • Don Erway
  • Steve & Robin McKelvey
  • Charlotte & Harold Kelley
  • David and Anne Calhoun
  • Bruce and Sharon Clawson
  • Lynn & Midge Dance
  • Cliff & Christie Schwartzkopf Schroff
  • Rick & Patty Wade
  • John Folsom
  • Mike and Linda Swartzkopf Fultz
  • Ron Galois
  • Dorothy J. Schwartzkopf
  • Stan & Kathy Johnston
  • Ronald and Virginia Galois
  • Edward Hall
  • Steven & Kathleen Hike
  • Jerry & Donna Shaw
  • Frank Vogt
  • Jeff Hornacek
  • Robert and Norma Klein
  • Trudy & Jeffrey Hines
  • Lavonne & Harold Simpson
  • Alden & Shirley Johnson
  • Lee Lamson
  • Harvey Lauer
  • Waldon Lauer
  • Michael and Glennys Lee
  • Marlen Luff Richard
  • Marshall C. Douglas and Jill Moore
  • Albert Mulder Robert and Katherine Rauch
  • Dorothy J. Schwartzkopf
  • Clifford and Barbara Shibley
  • Angela Simpson
  • Irene Thomassen
  • Dennis Trippel
  • Rick and Patty Wade
  • Mark and Judy Weaver
  • Bud Williamson
  • Jerald Williamson
  • Richard and Barbara Youngscap

In Kind Contributions

In addition to the foregoing direct monetary contributions, the LHS Athletic Hall of Fame has received in kind contributions for our 2009 Hall of Fame banquet from the following donors:

  • Aldis Augstums & Augstums Printing
  • John Walters
  • Randy Haas
  • Albert Maxcy
  • Steve McKelvey
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