2015 Hall of Fame Inductees

About the Hall of Fame

A competitive spirit through nearly a century of athletic participation has led to success, on the playing field, and a heritage of which Lincoln High School graduates proudly boast. The loyalty to this tradition carried on through the good and also the lean years is so enthusiastic that the exuberance is sometimes said to border on fanaticism. Thousands of young athletes have participated in building this tradition. The Lincoln High School Athletic Hall of Fame had its inception in 1983 in an effort to recognize and permanently record some of their achievements. At that time, 40 former Lincoln High lettermen were selected as the first inductees. The planning committee established the following statement: “The purpose of the Lincoln High School Athletic Hall of Fame is to recognize the athletic accomplishments of Lincoln High School students and others associated with Lincoln High School whose contributions to athletics are worthy of merit.”

The primary determination for selection to the Lincoln High School Athletic Hall of Fame is based on the accomplishments of the individual during the three years at LHS or on any effort in behalf of athletics at Lincoln High. Beyond this, the Board may consider any other contribution to the field of athletics which might be worthy of commendation. As one of the criteria, a period of 15 years must have passed before an individual becomes eligible for consideration to the Hall of Fame. Each year a new group of inductees will be selected. Nominations for those to the Athletic Hall of Fame have been received from former lettermen and women during the past year. It is hoped that the growth of interest in this project will cause more nominations to be forthcoming to guide the Board in making the final selection.