WebTMA is the Work Request / Work Order system for Lincoln Public Schools.  You can submit a work request through WebTMA for any problem from a roof leak to flooring material and anything in between and a work order will be created.  A sign-in name and password are required to use WebTMA.

Click on WebTMA to gain access to Facilities and Maintenance Service Center to submit a work request, to query a work request or work order, or to search by a work request number or work order number.  (Note: the entire work order number must be used when querying a work order (i.e., OP-12345678).

WebTMA Authorization Form

This form must be sent to Facilities and Maintenance for approval before access will be granted. Click on TMA & Web Client Authorization Form and complete the form for authorization to enter work requests in WebTMA and/or access Web Client schedules for door/HVAC equipment.

WebTMA Training

WebTMA training is available at Here.

Work Request Guidelines

Work Request guidelines are available