Duane S

  Duane Smid        

Facilities CAD/GIS Supervisor


436-1072 x 82812


This department is responsible for the following items for the LPS District:
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Federal Codes and Life Safety Codes
  • Designing Remodels (restrooms, etc.)
  • District Facilities Database (room numbers, square footage, room usage, etc.)
  • Facilities Inspections (interior, exteriors, roofs, floor coverings, etc.)
  • Geographic Information System (GIS, such as geocoding students, spatial data, etc.)
  • Maps (for District, Transportation, Students Services, ECSE, etc.)
  • Project Management and Coordination (IAQ relocation, portable buildings, new flooring, office furniture installation, etc.)
  • Specify District Equipment (ADA signs, playground equipment, etc.)
  • Surveying
With these duties comes direct contact and communication with City Planning, City Traffic, City Fire Inspector, Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Lincoln Public Schools Administrators and Principals.


Anthony M

   Anthony Meints

Assistant Facilities CAD/GIS Supervisor


Facilities CAD/GIS Staff







Environmental Hazard Management

The Director of Facilities and Maintenance is the point of contact for all environmental concerns.  This includes the development and recommendation of programs to manage environmental situations throughout the district, such as the coordination of the asbestos abatement projects, management of hazardous materials, and recycling and disposal of chemical and hazardous materials. The Facilities CAD/GIS Department and the HVAC Department also assists with audits, inspections, and monitoring of environmental conditions.