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Transportation services provided by the district are that which are required by law, including elementary and middle school students residing over 4 miles from the school in their attendance area. Also students who have been moved for the benefit of the district in instances of over crowding, major facility renovation, or efficiency in use of school buildings. Transportation is also provided to special education students that have transportation identified as part of their individual education program.

The role of the LPS transportation department is to provide safe and timely student transportation to and from assigned schools and activities in accordance to district policy.

School Bus Safety

When the sign says ‘Stop,’ that means stop. Sounds simple enough, right? But in the case of a stop sign attached to a school bus, drivers aren’t always paying attention.

LPS school bus drivers recently cited increased cases of drivers who are ignoring the stop sign on school buses. Nationally, 13 million drivers ignore this simple law.

Please remember: 

  • Nebraska State law requires that when a motorist approaches a school bus from either the front or rear, and the stop warning signal lights are flashing, the driver shall reduce their speed to not more than 25 miles per hour.
  • If the bus stop signal arm is extended, the driver of a vehicle – coming from the front or rear – shall come to a complete stop until: the stop signal arm is retracted and the school bus resumes motion, or until signaled by the bus driver to proceed. 
  • When encountering a stopped school bus, motorists should slow down, pay attention and watch for students walking or running across the street. 

LPS has created a video to show on cable channel 21, the LPS website, social media sites and other places, stressing the importance of student safety in or near school buses.

School Bus Drivers and Transportation Paraeducators Needed

The Lincoln Public Schools is continuously accepting applications for school bus drivers and transportation paraeducators. Regular routes and substitute positions available.

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