For our community,

On this webpage you will find links to:

  • The contract for my work at Lincoln Public Schools.

  • The contract for the administrator for our Educational Service Unit.

Business as usual at Lincoln Public Schools has always been open and transparent. LPS protocol calls for posting these contracts on our website as attachments to the Lincoln Board of Education meetings when the contracts are considered and finalized. We also report the finalized contracts in additional documents posted on our website.

In addition, according to Nebraska legislation known as the Superintendent Pay Transparency Act, we must post prominently on our website the contracts for: the superintendent, and the top administrator for our ESU. This information will also be reported to and posted on the State Department of Education website.

These 2021–2022 contracts are/were scheduled for board action on

  • Superintendent: May 11, 2021
  • ESU Administrator: May 11, 2021

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions,

Steve Joel