Mental / Behavioral Health Points of Contact

Your student’s mental health is important to their academic success. If you have concerns about your student’s mental or behavioral health, you can contact the social worker at your student’s school/program. LPS social workers are licensed mental health practitioners and can help connect you to appropriate mental health or behavioral supports.

School/ProgramMental/Behavioral ContactE-mail
Adams Elementary SchoolMegan
Arnold Elementary SchoolMegan
Arts & HumanitiesErin
Bay HighAndrea
Beattie Elementary SchoolKim
Belmont Elementary SchoolRachel
Brownell Elementary SchoolSarah Friendsfriend@lps.og
Bryan CommunityAllen
Calvert Elementary SchoolDelaney
Campbell Elementary SchoolKim Nebelknebel@lps.og
Cavett Elementary SchoolLyndsee
Clinton Elementary SchoolWhitney
Culler Middle SchoolDenise
Dawes Middle SchoolKathryn Hullkhull@lps.og
Don Sherrill Education CenterAndrea
East High SchoolDanielle
Eastridge Elementary SchoolKelsey
Elliott Elementary SchoolKelsey
Everett Elementary SchoolTara Schwartztschwart@lps.og
Fredstrom Elementary SchoolKim
Goodrich Middle SchoolAshley
Hartley Elementary SchoolTori
Hill Elementary SchoolRachel
Holmes Elementary SchoolErin
Humann Elementary SchoolKadi
Huntington Elementary SchoolMadilynn
Irving Middle SchoolKristin
Kahoa Elementary SchoolTiffany
Kloefkorn Elementary SchoolTori
Kooser Elementary SchoolConnie
Lakeview Elementary SchoolLori
Lancaster C. Youth ServicesAndrea
Lefler Middle SchoolPatrice
Lincoln High SchoolKate
Lux Middle SchoolAnn
Maxey Elementary SchoolKara
McPhee Elementary SchoolRenee
Meadow Lane Elementary SchoolCarrie Erkscerks@lps.og
Mickle Middle SchoolSarah Friendsfriend@lps.og
Moore Middle SchoolUrsula
Morley Elementary SchoolAnn
North Star High SchoolMorgan Youngmyouyng@lps.og
Northeast High SchoolMandy
Northwest High SchoolSara
Norwood Park Elementary SchoolJenni
Nuernberger Education CenterAndrea
Park Middle SchoolDemarion
Pershing Elementary SchoolJenni
Pound Middle SchoolKadi
Prescott Elementary SchoolConnie
Pyrtle Elementary SchoolBecca
Randolph Elementary SchoolCarrie Erkscerks@lps.og
Riley Elementary SchoolMadilynn
Robinson Elementary SchoolBecca
Roper Elementary SchoolRenee
Rousseau Elementary SchoolDelaney
Saratoga Elementary SchoolKara
Schoo Middle SchoolLorie
Science Focus ProgramErin
Scott Middle SchoolLyndsee
Sheridan Elementary SchoolTara
Southeast High SchoolGretchen
Southwest High SchoolMikayla
Standing Bear High SchoolChris
The Career AcademyAndrea
West Lincoln Elementary SchoolTiffany
Wysong Elementary SchoolUrusula
Yankee Hill Education CenterAndrea
Zeman Elementary SchoolKathryn

If you need immediate assistance, you can access the following resources that are available any time of the day or night.

  • CenterPointe Help Line (Lincoln): 402-475-6695
  • Nebraska Family Helpline: 1-888-866-8660
  • National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline: 988
  • National Crisis Text Line: text START to 741741 (text charges from your phone carrier may apply)
  • Lincoln Police Department (non-emergency) 402-441-6000 or 911 (emergency)
  • MyLNK is a website ( and a mobile app (for Apple and Android – search MyLNK) that has information about community resources. It can be downloaded in a wi-fi environment and then used when wi-fi is not available. The website provides translations in Spanish Vietnamese, and Arabic.