Science Curriculum

Scope and Sequence

Grade Levels Life Science Physical Science Space/Earth Science:Technology & Society
K Plants Senses Seasons Sink, Float, Dissolve
1 Animals and Habitats Magnets Soil Animals and Habitats
2 Life Cycles Matter Weather Recycling
3 Embryology Energy Fossils Simple Machines
4 Prarie Electricity Space Ecosystems
5 Water and Wetlands Chemistry Rocks and Minerals Scientific Investigations
6 Human Biology Electricity and Magnetism Earth’s Changing Surface Weather and Climate
7 Living Organisms Chemical Building Blocks Inside Earth Environmental Science
8 Cells and Heredity Motion, Forces and Energy Astronomy Light and Sound
9 10 11 12 Biology (10)Biology D (10)

Anatomy and Physiology (11)

Anatomy and Physiology D (11)

Animal Behavior (11)

Botany (11)


Marine Biology (11)

Microbiology (11)

Zoology (11)

Physical Science (9)Physical Science D (9)

Chemistry (11)

Chemistry D (11)

Applied Chemistry (11)

Advanced Chemistry (12)

Physics (11)

Physics D (11)

Applied Physics (11)

AP/Advanced Physics (12)

Geoscience(9)Geoscience D (9)

Earth Systems(11)


Environmental Studies(11)Forensic Science(11)

NOTE: Parentheses indicate the grade that the high school course is typically taken.


James Blake
K-12 Science Curriculum Specialist

Becky Rock
Assistant for Science and Math

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