All-City Performing Groups

All-City Girls Chorus

Director: Hannah Lambert
Accompanist: Jana Ghormley

Grades: 6-8

Rehearsals are at Lincoln Southeast High School, Tuesdays, from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m.

The chorus presents at least two concerts per year and participates in an annual spring tour of various LPS Elementary Schools. Please visit the All City Girls Chorus website for more information

Youth Ensemble of Strings Orchestra(YES)

Directors: Austin Hegert and Rhonda Neely

Grades: 5-8

Rehearsals are at Pound Middle School, Tuesdays (2nd semester only) from 4:15 p.m.- 5:15 p.m.

Visit the YES Website for more information

PANgea (Steel Drum Ensemble)

Director: Aaron Mathis
Assistant Director: Keygan Boesiger

Prep: Grades 6-8
Varsity: Grades 9-12

PANgea Steel Drum Website and Facebook Page

University of Nebraska Lincoln and Lincoln Public Schools String Project

Director: Dr. Karen Becker

The String Project is an after-school teacher training Program that gives children the opportunity to begin playing a stringed instrument before they start in their school. All third grade students in Lincoln and the surrounding areas are welcome! Classes are held at Park Middle School.

Junior Youth Orchestra (JYO)

Director: Del Whitman
Assistant Director: Ian Wright

Grades: 6-9

Rehearsals are at East High School, Thursdays, from 4:00 p.m.- 5:30 p.m.

Visit the JYO Website for more information

Lincoln Youth Symphony (LYS)

Condutor: Clark Potter
Assistant Director, and Brass: Terry Rush
Percussion: Joe Holmquist
Woodwind: Alyssa Wilhelm
Strings: Sophia Potter

Grades: 9-12

Rehearsals are at Lincoln High School, Tuesdays, from 4:00 p.m.- 6:30 p.m.

Visit the Lincoln Youth Symphony Website for more information

Los Mariachis de la Ciudad Estrella

Director: Brett Noser
Assistant Director:  Leila Zila

Grades: 8-12

Rehearsals are at Lincoln High School, Thursdays, from 4:00 p.m.– 5:30 p.m.