We’re looking for parents, grandparents, empty-nesters, lovers-of-libraries, people who get satisfaction out of organizing, bibliophiles, people who want to make a difference in their neighborhood schools, people with a mild addiction to the smell of books, and undercover superheroes!

Reasons to become a school library volunteer

  • Help connect kids with great books!
  • Support literacy in our community.
  • Boost access to library resources.
  • Learn about current books and authors so you can recommend titles to friends and family.
  • Provide an important service to your neighborhood school.

The process

  1. Fill out a volunteer application to let us know you’re interested.
  2. Indicate which school or neighborhood you would like to serve.
  3. Attend a brief training session, in which security forms will be submitted, job expectations explained, a schedule set, and thorough instructions provided on how to complete responsibilities.
  4. Start volunteering!


  • Anyone over the age of 18 can apply.
  • Must be able to push, pull, or lift at least 20 pounds.
  • Must have strong attention to detail and sound appreciation for curious children.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Checking in and checking out materials to students.
  • Shelving items.
  • Helping students locate books.
  • Shelf reading (making sure everything is in alphabetical or numerical order).
  • Small projects such as cutting, laminating, or material preparation.


For more information contact Library Services 402-436-1628 or email chaeffne@lps.org