Parent Resources

Reading aloud is important for your child’s development. Reading aloud for as few as 15 minutes a day makes a huge impact. Here are some of the positive results of this practice:

  • You create a bond with your child through this common experience.
  • Brain development is fostered.
  • Good reading habits are built. 
  • A relationship with reading and books is established that will last a lifetime.
  • Reading aloud helps parents be involved in what your children are reading.
  • It reinforces the joy of reading. 
  • Reading together doesn’t have to stop once your children can read on their own. Reading anything—comics, poems, graphic novels, magazines or books—out loud together is a great way to spend time with older children and teens.
  • Reading aloud improves a child’s processing skills, vocabulary, and comprehension. It helps them to become a successful student.

The library is your ticket to a world of resources for education and entertainment for the whole family. See the links below or contact your school librarian for more information about the importance of reading.