The LPS Citizens Education Academy will provide Lincoln citizens a hands-on interactive public information program that familiarizes and gives them a true, behind-the-scenes sense of Lincoln Public Schools. The Academy will provide citizens with insight into how our school district works, will promote open lines of community engagement and communication, will provide opportunities for citizen feedback, and will establish clearer understanding from both sides.


Participants will gain a better, deeper understanding of the school district and an increased sense of ownership in local schools — creating understanding advocates of public education in our community – and LPS will gain a better, deeper understanding of citizen perspective.


This unique, no-charge public outreach program will be open to approximately 30 people from our community (18 and older) with four sessions during the first semester — featuring a heavy dose of unique encounters. All sessions will happen in a school setting.

Photo of participants of Citizens Academy working on a problem


LPS is now accepting applications for the 2023 Fall Citizens Education Academy. Click on the button below and fill out the form to apply. Notification will be sent to applicants by August 30, 2023. Questions can be email to Mindy Burbach at mburbach@lps.org.

2023 Fall Schedule

All sessions will run from 5 – 8pm.
Participants are asked to attend all four sessions.

September 13th

at Humann Elementary School

  • LPS by the Numbers
  • Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment
  • Student Services
  • Security

October 4th

at Northwest High School

  • Student Panel
  • Secondary Education
  • Focus Programs and TCA
  • Elementary Education
  • Early Childhood

November 1st

at Park Middle School

  • Buildings and Bond Issues
  • School Finance
  • Federal Programs
  • Special Education

December 6th

at Lincoln High School

  • Getting Involved (CLCs and Athletics)
  • Civic Engagement
  • Graduation


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