Step Counter Video

Step Counters

  • These step counters are not give away items. They are meant to be long term resources for your school.
  • These are not average step counters, they are accelerometers, which is an easier step counter for students to wear due to location placement on the body not being as critical (a huge issue with basic pedometers which measure up and down motion). These accelerometers can be worn anywhere on the body and at any angle as they measure forward motion (different technology). Pockets work well, if harvest them back from the students each day.
  • Please note, I’ve included info for parents about watching for step counters in their laundry, etcetera, to help support your step counter supply lasting. Yes, we know a few will not make it through this challenge.
  • Schools are encouraged to be thoughtful about which classes they start with the pedometers and determine if you are going to let pedometers go home with students during the challenge time period. The choice is yours.
  • Connect with your after school program folks, as they are likely interested in partnering with you on this project. I’ve presented to all of the CLC site coordinators, so they are aware of the step counter resource and can allow students to wear them for a longer time each day if you want them to gather them as students go home.
  • We encourage you to invite staff to play along with students, especially those teachers working with students  wearing step counters should consider wearing one too. It is both good role modeling and a chance for staff to help kiddos better trouble shoot if they have questions. Directions were sent to accompany each step counter.
  • Yes, you are welcome to hold a staff challenge with the step counters, though realize, these step counters are intended to also be used with the students as the primary targets of this resource. Do not feel that you need to create a separate challenge for staff, as this is already developed and included in challenge materials.
  • This is a very special resource for us to have access to, so if you see Karla Lester or Rick Helweg of Teach a Kid to Fishbe sure to thank them. They supplied our district with 3,500 step counters for this challenge.