Social and Emotional Supports

Our current global situation has left many processing information differently. You and your student may be concerned or anxious about COVID-19. It is our hope as school social workers and counselors that all of our families will stay safe and healthy. While a lot has been communicated on what we can do to protect our health, we want to make sure we address good mental health practices during these unprecedented times.

It is very important to remember that children look to adults for guidance on how to react to stressful events. If parents seem overly worried, children’s anxiety may rise. Parents should reassure children that health and school officials are working hard to ensure that people throughout the country stay healthy. However, children also need factual, age appropriate information about the potential seriousness of disease risk and concrete instruction about how to avoid infections and spread of disease. Teaching children positive preventive measures, talking with them about their fears, and giving them a sense of some control over their risk of infection can help reduce anxiety. On this site you will find social-emotional supports as well as community links and resources to help you.

We would like to encourage you to help your child navigate this time by:

  • Limiting your student’s exposure to the media and be prepared to calmly discuss fears and/or concerns
  • Having deliberate conversations with them about changes in their routine and the new structure of their day
  • Modeling emotional management to your student by sharing your feelings with them about what is going on and asking how it makes them feel
  • Continuing to review online safety with your student given the additional time using technology

Finally, we want to encourage you to reach out to us via email if you have any questions. Know that we will continue to support your student’s social-emotional and academic needs the best we can.

Please continue to visit this page as we add useful sites and information provided by our school counselors and social workers.

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Community Help

Suicide Prevention

This hotline connects individuals who are struggling or have concerns for others to a trained helper. Their goal is to listen and work together so the person feels more stable, safe, and hopeful. If you are in a crisis—or trying to prevent one—you can expect these helpers to be calm, kind, and respectful of your privacy.


MyLNK Local Support

myLNK is directory of resources and support programs available locally in the Lincoln community. Click here to browse available services by category or date offered.

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Managing Anxiety During COVID-19 (Multiple Languages)

These videos were created through a collaboration among the USAID – an agency of the US government providing resources to refugees and immigrants, Johns Hopkins University, and Lutheran Family Services.

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Caregiver's Stressbook

Tips from Johns Hopkins Children’s Center for parents and caregivers who are experiencing stress.

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Lincoln Public School Supports

LPS Social Workers

Our school social workers are ready to provide guidance and assistance.

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Elementary School Resources

These resources, prepared by LPS counselors for elementary school students, can help with this difficult time.

Middle School Resources

These resources, collected by LPS counselors for middle school students, can help with this difficult time.

High School Resources

These resources, prepared by high school counselors for high school students, can help with this difficult time.