Increased awareness of dress code guidelines related to gangs, hate groups

In the best interest of the safety and security of our students, Lincoln Public Schools does not allow clothing, apparel and symbols that have been identified as related to gangs or hate groups.

LPS has a responsibility to provide all students with safe places for learning where academic, social and emotional development takes precedence.

Clothing and accessories associated with gangs and hate groups have the potential to disrupt the learning environment by bringing symbols that represent fear and intimidation of others into classrooms. The identification and prohibition of this clothing help decrease the impact of gangs and hate groups in school. These rules also protect students who are unaware they are wearing clothes with a gang or hate group affiliation.

LPS uses local and national resources – including the Lincoln Police – to identify banned items related to clothing, symbols, accessories, etc. that could promote street gangs or hate groups. These items are subject to change as new items and symbols are identified.

The Lincoln Police Gang Unit has identified gang clothing in Lincoln that includes:

  • Bandanas: Clothing with a bandana pattern. (Bandanas are among the first symbols adopted by street gangs and the term “flagging” was derived from wearing a bandana, or hanging one from other clothing, usually the color identified with the gang. Clothing with a bandana pattern has the same meaning as the bandana itself.)
  • BDB or Bout Dat Boys. (Local street gang, according to Lincoln Police.)
  • D1B or Day 1 Brothers. (Local street gang, according to Lincoln Police.)
  • GHOS (Grind Hard or Starve)
  • Marilyn Monroe images. (Gangs with allegiance to Mexican Mafia.)
  • Numbers 13, 18: Clothing, typically sports gear, with the numbers 13 or 18. (The number 13 is associated with the Surenos, a gang originating in Southern California. The 13th letter of the alphabet is M, or “La Eme” in Spanish and it signifies allegiance to the Mexican Mafia. The number18 refers to the 18th Street Gang, another gang with Southern California origins.)
  • Playboy bunny images. (Playboy Surenos, also favored by the Vice Lords and People Nation.)
  • W: Stylized “W” similar to Walgreens or Washington Nationals. (Associated with South Side Winos.)
  • In addition: Clothing or any item with the name of any street gang or symbol, determined in collaboration with local resources.
  • In addition: Any image that promotes hate groups or violence.

Conduct is prohibited that is intended to provoke or challenge others, including hand gestures and signs commonly related to gangs or hate groups,

** These rules do not apply to jerseys used for LPS sports teams.

FYI: For your awareness, here is a national list of clothing, apparel and symbols that have been linked to gangs and gang activity.