Security and Safety at Lincoln Public Schools

Student safety continues to be our school district’s top priority and we have many procedures and systems in place. Many of the systems have been in place for decades, however, we also continue to review and improve them each year. Our system of safety measures includes but is not limited to:

  • Regular drills to prepare for a wide range of emergencies, including active shooters.
  • Security cameras at all our high schools.
  • A solid Threat Assessment/Management Program at LPS.
  • Standard Response Protocol established throughout the district (plain language protocol for emergency situations).
  • Crisis response plans at each school.
  • Partnering with local law enforcement and safety experts.

Some of these practices are required by federal and state laws, many are school level practices based on school-specific research – and some are best practices developed through lessons learned from events around the country.  We work closely with the LPS security team and the Lincoln Police Department to continuously evaluate our safety protocols and to practice with our staff and students in the event of an emergency.

In the interest of creating the safest environment possible for all our students and staff, Lincoln Public Schools has worked with national experts to further develop our guidelines and protocol for threat assessment. Learn more.


Joseph Wright
Director of Security