Maxey Library Procedures

Damaged Items

Accidents can happen when items are checked out. If an item does get damaged, students are asked to discuss the damage with the librarian. It is important that students understand and respond to this responsibility. Each student is reminded at the beginning of the year and throughout the year about book care and all library procedures. The most common damage is wet books due to drinks in their backpacks. We will no longer keep items that are WET in any way.  We have been working to eliminate books that are damaged and will keep only books that are clean in our collection. Other damage is caused by pets, younger siblings, spilled food, and lack of care including ripped pages, carried poorly, sticky hands, shoved in backpack, left outside.  Parents can help by reminding and modeling book care.

No one is perfect!! Parent/Guardian: If an accident happens and your child is reluctant to come and talk to the librarian, please send a note or email so the librarian can start the conversation.  NO ONE should be afraid to come to the library!! Sometimes the books are not well made and come apart easily.  A child would never be asked to pay for a book in this situation. Library staff examine books each time they are returned to the library. If a student discovers damage in their book, they should report this immediately to a staff member.

Overdue/Damaged Items/Payment:

If a student has met their limit of books allowed and they are overdue, typically they will not be allowed to check out any more items, until some of the items are returned. Fines are not charged for late materials. Overdue notices will be sent to students on an “as needed basis” and once per quarter, generally.

Fines are assessed on lost and damaged books. Individual notes will be sent home. All books that are returned wet/damaged will be eliminated from the collection and students fined.  We will no longer keep books that are “a little wet” and try to make a decision about a level of damage. Parents are invited to help their child look for lost book(s) and wait on paying for the book(s). Payment can be in cash or check made out to Maxey. Once a book is paid for, if found, money will not be refunded. At this point, parents can decide to keep the found/paid for book, or donate it back to the library. We are willing to take a donated book as replacement instead of money, but it will need to be a new copy of the same title unless other arrangements are made with the Librarian. 

Checking out Materials

DUE TO COVID-19, procedures have been changed. Students will be encouraged to read materials from any library as well as online and class time will be spent helping students explore their options for finding just right books.

Maxey uses a computerized check out system.

To check out items:

  • Bring the item(s) to the check out counter.

  • Tell the adult your last name and homeroom teacher’s name. 

  • The items will then be scanned and checked out for two weeks.

Number of Items/Procedures:

All students at Maxey will have an opportunity to check out three books each week. New students will be provided a “Ziplock” bag to protect their books. Returning students are asked to use their bag from last year. Thank you for helping your child keep their books safe and return promptly when finished reading. Books are checked out for two weeks, and may be renewed once if needed. Please see the following details by grade level:

    • Preschool students may check out one board book each week. Once they are familiar with the process, they will choose up to three books each week.
    • Kindergarten students may check out one book from the reading tubs and one book from another area of the library after introduced to these in class. The reading tub book will be one they can read; a “just right” book, and the other book can be a “looking” book to have another read with them at home. Later in the year, a third book will be added as students become familiar with the parts of the library and book care/return procedures.
    • First through fifth graders will be invited to check out three books. Students in Grades 1-5 will get 2-3 “just right” books, they may or may not choose a “looking” book for a total of 3.
    • Some students may need an additional book or two for a specific research project bringing their total to 5. These books are typically left in the classroom.

Helping Students Find Good Fit Books: 

Students can use the PICK strategy to help them find an appropriate book for their reading level.

  • P-What is the purpose of their reading?
  • I–What is the student interested in reading?
  • C-Does the student comprehend what they are reading?
  • K-Does the student know most of the words on the page?


Please contact Mrs. Christen the Librarian at with any questions!