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I want to welcome you to the LSW Gifted Site. Please take some time to watch our Southwest Gifted Program video. In the video you’ll find:

  • A Program Overview
  • Staff Advice
  • Student answers to Frequently-Asked Questions
  • Further Resources


Feel free to contact me with any questions that you might have using the Contact Us page!

                       ~ Dr. Travis Brady


Located on this site you will find information pertinent to the LSW Gifted Program.

Counselor's Corner

In the Counselor’s Corner you will find information dealing with the transition from Middle School to High School, general advice for high school gifted children, advice for college applications, and contact information for local colleges and universities. Also, if you are new to LPS or even the Gifted program, you can access information on how to get started with identifying your child as gifted!

LSW Gifted Offerings

LSW has many great differentiated and Advanced-Placement courses for your student to participate in during their 4 years of high school. Look over our Gifted Offerings for a better idea of all the great courses we offer!

Events and Opportunities

In addition to many great courses to choose from, there are many events and other opportunities throughout the year for your student to participate in. Look over our Events and Opportunities for a better idea of all the great events and opportunities available.

Gifted Resources

Go here for any pertinent documents, forms, or presentation PowerPoints you might have missed or are in need of. In the Gifted Resources area you will also find LSW print resources, as well as links to online resources pertinent to gifted children and education.




If after looking over the site you have further questions, please contact me using the “Contact Us” link provided. Thanks!

Travis Brady, Ph.D.

LSW Instructional Coordinator
LSW Gifted Facilitator

You may also contact:
Joan Jacobs, Ph.D.
Supervisor of Gifted Education
Lincoln Public Schools