Resources for Parents

ParentVue Information

Parents/Guardians are able to access student grade and attendance information via ParentVue. For help with ParentVue go here!

Parent Night Presentations

9th/10th Grade Meeting

11th Grade Meeting

12th Grade Meeting

Study Skills

Basic study skills can help students;

  • Stay organized
  • Retain information learned in class and at home
  • Avoid having to cram for tests
  • Raise their grades

Below are strategies and resources for students to improve their study habits.

How parents can help

  • Provide a place where your student can study that;
    • is quiet
    • is a large flat surface like a desk or table
    • has access to power for a chromebook
    • is distraction free
  • Enforce consistent bedtime routines including
    • Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day
    • Taking away screens at night
    • Setting an alarm in the morning
  • Provide your scholars with all the materials they need
  • Check your scholar’s work to see what they did and if there is anything left to finish
  • Remind your scholar to check their school email
  • Remind your scholar to charge their chromebook

Questions to ask your student

  • Are you keeping track of your assignments and dates of tests in a planner or on a calendar?
  • Have you reviewed what you learned today by;
    • Checking your planner or calendar to see what you need to complete that night and what to prepare for the next day or later in the week?
    • Doing your homework?
    • Reviewing your notes?
  • Can you summarize what you learned today?
  • Do you understand? Can you answer the objectives the teacher provided for your lessons that day?
  • When you don’t understand, are you asking questions?
    • If you have a question while working outside of class, are you writing it down so that you can ask it later?
  • Do your homework
  • Ask questions during class, before school, after school, and by email when questions arise.
  • Teach someone else what you have learned. This process will reveal to you what you may not fully understand yet.

If you are absent or you know you will be absent, see your teachers to make a plan to learn what you missed or will miss.