Thank you for your interest in the relationship between Lincoln Public Schools and our political representatives and decision-making bodies, commonly referred to as Governmental Relations. Our goal is to effectively communicate to others the needs of the Lincoln Public Schools, its staff, students, and families, related to a wide range of existing and proposed legislation and regulations. So often people believe that the only legislation that affects schools are laws specific to education. But, almost every facet of law affects schools – transportation, banking, insurance, natural resources, law enforcement, veterans affairs and many others – because of our diverse programming and the number of people that we touch daily.

One of my roles is to work as an official representative for the Lincoln Public Schools with the Nebraska legislature. I am present at the capitol and other sites during legislative sessions, hearings, interim studies, and other political activities. I attend these procedures to keep LPS staff informed of changes or intended changes in laws affecting Lincoln Public Schools. I also act as a resource to senators, staff members, and others wanting to learn more about the Lincoln Public Schools and how existing legislation or proposals are affecting the Lincoln Public Schools. Periodically, the Lincoln Public Schools will advocate judiciously for pieces of legislation that we feel will have a positive impact. We do this individually as a district or collaboratively with other districts or organizations. This is always done in the best interest of the district and with an understanding of the legislative and the fiscal impact of the legislation.

As much as possible, we would like the Governmental Relations page to act as a resource page for you. On this page you will find links that we hope will be helpful to you. They include links very specific to the Lincoln Public Schools, and links that will be of general value to anyone interested in being politically active or learning more about the political process. f you have any suggestions, questions, or comments please email me at


John P. Neal
Assistant Superintendent for Governmental Relations and General Administration