Self Management of Medical Conditions

Lincoln Public Schools medication administration policies state that medications for administration at school are kept in the health office.

Students with diabetes, students with asthma, and students with severe allergies occasionally require more immediate access to medications for self-administration than the school health office can provide:

Regulation 5503.1 states: “Students with asthma, anaphylaxis or diabetes will be permitted to self-manage such medical conditions upon: (1) development of an asthma or anaphylaxis or a diabetes medical management plan for the student; (2) written request of the student’s parent or guardian; (3) receipt of a signed no liability statement from the parent or guardian; and (4) authorization of the student’s physician. Students with such a medical management plan and consent may possess the necessary medication to manage their medical condition under the conditions established in the plan and not be subject to discipline for such possession provided that, if the student uses or allows the medication to be used for any reason other than as prescribed or as provided in the plan, the student shall be subject to discipline in accordance with the student conduct policy.”

Parents or guardians of students with asthma, anaphylaxis or diabetes should contact the school nurse for guidance in completing the requirements of the regulation.

Parent or guardians of students who do not have asthma, anaphylaxis or diabetes, but are required by a medical provider to carry medications or supplies for a medical condition should contact the school nurse for guidance and the appropriate forms to complete for the school year.