First steps if connection isn’t good, or audio or video don’t instantly appear

  • Hang up the call and redial
  • If it looks like it connects but gives you a blank window (blue or black), it’s possible that the endpoint at the remote site is not on. Do you have a phone number for the remote site to check with them?
  • When was the last time your cart was restarted? Has it been “sleeping” a long time? Sometimes the cart needs to be restarted, just like a computer, so unplug and restart.

Endpoint (CODEC) won’t turn on

  • Check power connection to endpoint
  • It’s possible that the monitor isn’t powered on. Make sure to check the power to the monitor. The Samsung monitors at LPS go to sleep after 10 minutes. Lightly touch the power button on the front to wake it up. It blinks red when it is waking up.
  • Check to make sure an electrical breaker (like on a power strip) hasn’t switched off.
  • Unplug and replug power strip to restart everything.
  • Push the “reset” button on the back of the endpoint as a last resort.

Video display (TV or projector) doesn’t connect to endpoint

  • Check power connections to display
  • If the screen is black, click on the near button to make sure you have the correct input (the near button should show you what your camera is seeing on the screen).
  • Check to make sure that the video display (HDTV) is set to the correct source and not a channel. Typically you won’t use the HDTV remote for much except for volume. But if someone has changed the “Source” with the HDTV remote to show their computer directly to the HDTV, it will need to be changed back to HDTV1/DVI to use it with the endpoint. (Use the Source button on the HDTV remote.)
  • Make sure cables are properly connected on the display and that the display cable is connected to the Display 1 output on the back panel of the endpoint. Sometimes if you just disconnect all the cables from everything and plug them back in again it will work. You may have to restart after doing this.

Endpoint and display both work, but endpoint cannot make connection

  • Within the Lincoln Public Schools, if the endpoint is on the network, the IP address at the top of the screen should start with 10. If it starts with any other number it is not on the network.
  • Make sure the network is available by calling another address.
  • Check that the Ethernet cable is in the correct port on the back of the endpoint.
  • Check the Ethernet cable and the connection to the wall network jack (is it an active port?).
  • Swap to another Ethernet cable to make sure the cable is good.
  • You may have to restart the systems if you have disconnected and reconnected the network cable, even if the IP address looks good.

Audio Checklist

  • Check that your speaker system is connected.
  • Ensure both near and far ends are not muted and that volume is turned up on the display.
  • Verify that the audio out cables are properly connected to the display.
  • If an external speaker system has its own volume control, adjust the volume to near maximum on the LifeSize audio output and adjust the volume control on the external speaker for best results.

Echo Canceling Problem—you get an echo back on your voice

  • The problem is caused by another site getting feedback into their mics.
  • Identify the problem site. With more than one site, have each site mute their audio until the problem is found.
  • The problem site should turn the audio up on their remote, and then turn down the audio on their display.
  • If they are on a laptop, they may need to wear headphones to get rid of the feedback into the computer.

Cannot add other components (document camera or computer)

  • Click the “near” button on the remote to see if they are connected.
  • Check the video inputs to make sure they are correctly connected.
  • If it is a computer, make sure that the video is mirrored to the connection.
  • Disconnect and reconnect cables on the computer and endpoint.
  • Sometimes restarting after reconnecting cables is necessary.

Computer image will not fill entire screen

  • Change the resolution in the display settings of  your computer.

Other problems

  • Remote control will not work—change the batteries
  • If you experience poor motion handling or visible tiling in the far end picture, it is probably a network problem rather than an equipment problem. Contact LPSDO. Realize that many times the network issues on the far end are out of the control of LPS support.