DL Teacher Checklist

If you are a teacher sharing a course with remote school districts, use the checklist below to make sure the experience is successful—for you AND the remote students.

Pre-class Checklist

  • Starting and ending dates of school – sending and receiving school both informed.
  • Message from sending teacher sent to receiving contact person with any pertinent information (contact, activities, other)
  • Share school bulletins, newsletters, schedule changes, etc.

DL teacher shares these things with remote students:

  • Course syllabus
  • Grading policies
  • Attendance policies
  • Homework expectations
  • Behavior expectations


  • When are parent/teacher conferences? Will the sending teacher participate?
  • How will remote parents get student grade information?
  • Does sending teacher know who remote contact is, and have contact information easily available?

Classroom support

  • Is there a classroom monitor at the remote site?
  • Will they do monitor testing?
  • Will they report attendance (if student is absent, etc.)
  • Who is responsible for site students during times that class is not meeting?
  • Do students have access to a computer?
  • Who will be available to support remote students’ computer use?