Celebrate Lincoln’s Class of 2020 at 20:20!

We are asking for the community’s help in honoring and celebrating this year’s graduating class. On Sunday, May 24, at 8:20 p.m. (20:20 military time), we encourage everyone in Lincoln to step outside or open their windows to cheer this year’s seniors on what would have been the regularly scheduled graduation day for approximately 3,000 students. High school seniors will then be able to walk into their neighborhoods wearing their caps and gowns and hear the celebrations across the city.

Families and graduating seniors can share photos and videos of their neighborhood celebrations with Lincoln Public Schools to be displayed on a special website.

  • Upload your photos or videos here. Simply click on “upload” at the top of the Live Stream box to see your photos added to others around Lincoln.
  • Post your photos and videos to Twitter and Instagram and use #LNKGrad2020.

Join the conversation and watch the event unfold below.

Thank you for your help in celebrating the Class of 2020!