Meeting Procedures

The meetings follow the Open Meetings Act requirements and Parliamentary procedures as outlined in the most recent edition of Roberts Rules of Order, facilitated by the Board and ESU Presidents. The Agenda regularly includes the following items:

Board Operating Procedures - Order of Business (Policy 8441)*

  1. Opening Procedures
    1. Call to Order
    2. Roll Call
    3. Approval of Minutes
    4. Announce Open Meeting Act Posting & Location
  2. Special Reports, Presentations and Celebrations of Success
  3. Public Comment
    In keeping with Policy 8420, a time limit of five minutes will be allotted for any speaker. At the discretion of the chair, the speaker may be allotted additional time. Members of the Board of Education will not respond or engage with speakers
  4. Consent Items
    (A consent agenda is a practice by which the mundane and non-controversial board action items are organized apart from the rest of the agenda and approved as a group. This includes all of the business items that require formal board approval and yet, because they are not controversial, there is no need for board discussion before taking a vote. Items may be on a consent agenda only if all board members agree; if even one member considers a specific item to need discussion, it must be removed and placed on the regular agenda for the board meeting.)
    1. Human Resources Changes
    2. Routine Business (Claims/Wire Transfers, Payroll, Gifts, Progress Report on Construction, Bids Discussed at Prior Meeting or Under $500,000, Contracts and Other Routine Business
    3. Option Enrollment (In/Out)
    4. Grant Proposal Submissions
  5. *First Reading, Action at Next Meeting
    Items are included on the First Reading agenda because the Board has determined that as a result of its scope or finances require public review and discussion at one meeting prior to recommendation at the following meeting to allow review and comment by the Board and the public.
    1. From Board Committees
    2. From the Superintendent
    3. Bids over $500,000
    4. Land Contracts
    5. Setting Policy
    6. Curriculum Items
  6. Second Reading, Recommended for Action
    Items are included on the Second Reading agenda to finalize review and discussion initiated at the time of First Reading and for the Board to vote on a final recommendation.
  7. *Informational Items/Reports
    Items are included in Informational Items/Reports when they do not require Board actions, but the information is helpful to the Board or public in understanding the work and the progress of the Lincoln Public Schools staff and students
    1. From Board Committees
    2. From the Superintendent
  8. Announcements of Upcoming Events for the Board
  9. Public Comment
    Same guidelines as noted above
  10. Request for Closed Session
    A closed or executive session may be conducted when it is clearly necessary for the protection of the public interest or the prevention of needless injury to the reputation of an individual to continue to hold a public discussion on a topic. Moving to closed session requires a majority vote of the Board and can only be done for the following reasons:
    1. Strategy session with respect to collective bargaining, real estate purchases or litigation.
    2. Discussion regarding deployment of security personnel or devices.
    3. Investigative proceeding regarding allegations of criminal misconduct; or
    4. Personnel Matters

*The Lincoln Board of Education is empowered to act on any item listed on the Agenda at any time during the meeting (Policy 8441), irrespective of the time or order listed. Pages listed, or further detail, are available upon request. The Open Meetings Act requires and the intention of the Board is that agenda items be sufficiently descriptive to give the public reasonable notice of the matters to be considered at the meeting. The Lincoln Board of Education releases its agenda well in advance of most meetings and desires that all interested persons are fully informed. Any interested person who has a question or needs clarification about the sufficiency of a descriptive item should contact the Office of the Superintendent of Schools

Photo of a speaker presenting a topic to the Lincoln Board of Education