The Seal of the Board of Education of Lincoln, NebraskaThe Lincoln Board of Education is committed to providing the highest quality education for all students in Lincoln Public Schools. The Board sees the primary mission of the schools to be the development of responsible adults:

  • who are productive citizens of a pluralistic community, nation and world;
  • who are prepared to learn throughout their lives; and
  • who are appreciative of the arts, history and culture.

As the elected governing body of the School District, the Board believes in sharing its decision-making processes with parents, students, other citizens and staff members. Board Members are elected by district to four-year terms and serve without pay.

Meeting Broadcasts

All meetings are broadcast live and rebroadcast via LNKTV Education on a variety of cable providers:

  • Allo: Channel 23
  • Spectrum: Channel 1303
  • Windstream Kinetic Streaming TV: Channel 31
  • Windstream Kinetic IPTV: Channel 1080

Notices of the time and place of the Lincoln Board of Education meeting (Policy 8410) are e-mailed to an extensive list of local and regional news media. A mailing list is maintained at the Lincoln Public Schools District Office. A public notice is published in the Lincoln Journal Star.

Watch Online


All meetings are broadcast live on the city's LNKTV Education

LIVE on LiveStream

All meetings are broadcast live via LiveStream


Watch on Apple TV. Search the App Store for "LNKTV".


Past meetings are available in our stream archives


All meetings are broadcast live on the city's LNKTV Education

LIVE on YouTube

All meetings are broadcast live via YouTube


Watch on Apple TV. Search the App Store for "LNKTV".

LIVE on YouTube

All meetings are broadcast live via YouTube

School Board Members

Kathy Danek

Photo of Kathy Danek, board member for district 1

District 1
Term Expires: May 2025

4261 Knox Street
Lincoln, NE 68504
Home Phone: (402) 464-8549

Connie Duncan

Photo of Connie Duncan, board member for district 2

LPS Board President
District 2
Term Expires: May 2023

2975 S 24th Street
Lincoln, NE 68502
Home Phone: (402) 419-0070

Barbara A. Baier

Photo of Barb Baier, board member for district 3

ESU 18 Board President
District 3
Term Expires: May 2025

727 South 18th Street
Lincoln, NE 68508
Home Phone: (402) 202-1846

Annie Mumgaard

Photo of Annie Mumgaard, board member for district 4

ESU 18 Board Vice President
District 4
Term Expires: May 2023

1400 N 37th Street
Lincoln, NE 68503
Home Phone: (402) 325-6301

Lanny Boswell

Photo of Lanny Boswell, board member for district 5

District 5
Term Expires: May 2025

8340 Hollynn Lane, Apt 43
Lincoln, NE 68512
Home Phone: (402) 202-7797

Bob Rauner

Photo of Bob Rauner, board member for district 6

District 6
Term Expires: May 2023

5100 Valley Road
Lincoln, NE 68510
Home Phone: (402) 450-1859

Don Mayhew

Photo of Don Mayhew, board member for district 7

LPS Board Vice President
District 7
Term Expires: May 2025

5041 South 30 Street
Lincoln, NE 68516
Home Phone: (402) 730-0370

Dr. Steve Joel

Photo of Dr. Steve Joel, Superintendent of Schools

Superintendent of Schools

5905 O Street
Lincoln, NE 68510
Work Phone: (402) 436-1601

James Gessford

Photo of James Gessford, Legal Counsel to Board of Education

Legal Counsel to Board of Education

Suite 1400
233 South 13th Street
Lincoln, NE 68508
Work Phone: (402) 476-9200

Meeting Agenda

Policies and Regulations

Current Lincoln Public Schools Policies and Regulations are available for download here.

Lincoln CLC Board

The Lincoln Community Learning Centers Non-Profit Board is a nonprofit public benefit corporation to support charitable and educational purposes of students of Lincoln attending the Lincoln Public Schools. More information about the board’s objects and purposes along with meeting dates, agendas and minutes may be found here.

Recent Resolutions

Meeting Location and Time

Board meetings are normally held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m.. Meetings are held at the LPS District Office located at 5905 O Street.

2021 Meeting Dates

  • May 25
  • June 8
  • June 22
  • July 27
  • August 10
  • August 24
  • September 14
  • September 28
  • October 12
  • October 26
  • November 9
  • November 23
  • December 14

2022 Meeting Dates

  • January 11
  • January 25
  • February 8
  • February 22
  • March 8
  • April 12
  • April 26
  • May 10
  • May 16 (Organizational Mtg)
  • May 24

Pandemic Meeting Protocols

Overflow accommodations may need to be implemented to ensure the health and safety of all in attendance.

Following the current Directed Health Measure from the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department, multilayer face coverings over the mouth and nose will be REQUIRED inside for all who attend the meeting in person.

Prior to the meeting, any person interested in applying for an exemption to wearing the required face covering while attending the Board meeting may contact the District 504 coordinator, Russ Uhing, Director of Student Services and 504 Coordinator, at (402) 436-1650, or You will be required to share documentation that describes the conditions requiring the exemption prior to the meeting, so we can engage in an interactive process to determine what if any accommodations may be provided.

Share Your Opinions

Opinions may be expressed to the Board in writing, and will be distributed to Board Members. Written comments to the Board may be addressed to:

Lincoln Board of Education
Lincoln Public Schools
P.O. Box 82889
Lincoln, NE 68501

Which District Do You Live In?

You can discover which board district you live in by searching the State of Nebraska Voter Information Center. Enter your information and then look for “LPS School Board DIST XX”. XX is your board district.

A board district map is available on the Lancaster County Election Commissioner’s map page.  Just look for “Lincoln Public Schools Map”.