Barbara Baier

District 3: Elected May 2005

What high school(s) did you attend/graduate from?
Bloomfield High School

What college(s) did you attend/graduate from and your degrees?
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

What is your profession?
Grants Administrator – Writer

How would you describe yourself?
I love nature, gardening, camping, biking, etc. Art is my aspiration. Working with words, facts, and personal stories brings a lot rewards. My biggest passion is connecting with people.

What school memory from when you were a student still impacts you today?
Writing a short story in second grade about a family of turkeys that had a lot similarities to my own. Sister Barbara loved it and I fell in love with writing.

What was your favorite class/subject in school and why?
English, History, Art … too many to list. English because writing and literature opens our minds and souls to the reality of lives, real and imagined. History because the heritage of women and so-called minorities continues to be groundbreaking and revelatory. Art because it’s the only way we can see the future.

What are the biggest challenges facing our schools today?
A lack of appreciation that a free and quality education for all is the only way a country can hope to have a functioning democracy.

What do you hope for the children in our community?
Equal opportunity to access education, decent housing, nutritious food, and safe neighborhoods.

What legacy do you hope to leave at LPS when your service on the board is finished?
Improved outcomes for those children that too often are forgotten.