Annie Mumgaard

District 4: Elected May 2015

What high school(s) did you attend/graduate from?
Lincoln High School

What college(s) did you attend/graduate from and your degrees?
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Broadcast Journalism
Lesley University, Masters of Art in Education  (Cambridge, Mass.)

What is your profession?
I am a visual educator. I currently work for the University of Nebraska State Museum (Morrill Hall) as their Virtual Learning Coordinator. I love the combination of my skills and passions that this job utilizes. We use a computer, a couple of cameras, a wireless mic, and a lot of energy to lead virtual field trips that teach about fossils, animals, and all things Nebraska.   
I have also made documentary films, large and small non-profit information films, top 10 University PSAs, and then have taught middle school kids to do the same!

How would you describe yourself?
I am a mom, wife, sister, aunt, good friend, supportive co-worker and community leader. I am an upbeat, curious, passionate, patient person who operates from a deep sense of the knowledge that we are here to make the world a better place.  

What school memory from when you were a student still impacts you today?
I had a tendency to daydream in school. This often got me in to a lot of trouble. My fifth-grade teacher at Belmont was Mrs. Brown. She was pretty groovy cool. She would turn off the lights and play her guitar  to calm us down after lunch and recess. One day in her class I was far away and Mrs. Brown came up to my desk. Uh oh… She got right next to my face and looked the same direction I was looking and said, “I wish I could see what you see.” I worked a lot harder for her, and me, after that. LPS has had great teachers for a long time.

What was your favorite class/subject in school and why?
Music. I loved singing – in small groups, in the choir, in madrigals, in the musicals, for Joy Night!  Music brought me a way to express myself, friends, a place to be active and accepted, and was my calm in busy days. I also remember my LHS Economics class. We had amazing conversations. Goodrich Junior High French class was also fun – set me up for some great adventures. 

What are the biggest challenges facing our schools today?
The vast needs of our students. And I’m talking educational, physical, and emotional. And obtaining the resources needed to teach these individuals.
I share driving duties with a neighbor so I am at the front door of Culler Middle School two-three times a week. I am amazed at the variety of students walking into these doors – you truly see the world entering our public education schools. How we are able to reach each of these students boggles my mind, humbles me, and fuels my desire to make sure we’re working as hard as possible to truly teach them all.  

What do you hope for the children in our community?
That they grow knowing they are valuable to our world and have great worth within them. And for those reasons, we need them to be their best selves for all of us. And a large part of that has to be taught. So it has to be more than hope to make that happen.

What legacy do you hope to leave at LPS when your service on the board is finished?
I hope I am seen as the kind of leader who worked hard to create, maintain, and help grow a place where all could do their best work. And that I pushed us to keep on our creative toes to find and make new opportunities of all sorts in our district.