Amy Allerheiligen — 2020 Elementary Art Educator of the Year


The Nebraska Art Teachers Association has named Amy Allerheiligen from Calvert Elementary School the 2020 Elementary Art Educator of the Year. The mission of the Nebraska Art Teachers Association is to advocate for and advance art education in Nebraska to fulfill human potential and promote global understanding. Allerheiligen has proven herself as an advocate for art education who strives to help students reach their full potential and develop a love for art.


Calvert Elementary School Principal Jeff Brehm had this to say about Allerheiligen in his nomination letter:

“I must start off by sharing the love and care that Amy has for Calvert students. Of the 300-plus students at Calvert, Amy takes the time to get to know each child by name, and works to learn unique and special things about our children. Whether on the playground supervising recess or during art class, Amy spends time talking to children to learn about who they are as people. I see her finding ways that allow children to express their unique personalities in their art at school.”

Robert Goldberg, education and community engagement manager for the Lincoln Arts Council, said the following about Allerheiligen:

“Everything in her room is conducive to learning, from the ambient music upon entering, to the lighting, to the system of communicating with her and each other. I’ve been to many a chaotic art room, but Amy’s is not one of them. Students of every type are engaged as much as possible. Respect is encouraged. The room is safe, supportive and controlled.”


That the Lincoln Board of Education adopt the following resolution:

WHEREAS, Amy Allerheiligen was named the 2020 Nebraska Elementary Art Educator of the Year; and

WHEREAS, Amy Allerheiligen takes the time to know her students and form relationships outside her classroom; and

WHEREAS, Amy Allerheiligen makes meaningful connections with the local art community, which informs both her teaching and her students’ learning; and

WHEREAS, Amy Allerheiligen strives to engage her students in new and innovative ways; and

WHEREAS, Amy Allerheiligen works to create a non-threatening classroom environment in which all students feel comfortable participating in art; and

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Lincoln Board of Education
does hereby congratulate Amy Allerheiligen for being named the 2020 Nebraska Elementary Art Educator of the Year.