Youth Advisory Board

Youth Advisory Board

Lincoln Public Schools Youth Advisory Board

What work do you do?

The Youth Advisory Board meetings monthly to discuss issues of importance to students in the Lincoln Public Schools. Topics on which the Youth Advisory Board worked in the past includes newly designed report cards, student calendar, district curriculum, homework and grading policies, and many more.

Students have testified before the LPS Board, before legislative committee at the Capitol, and have written letters of support for policies and for legislative bills.

What difference will I make in the lives of others?

The Youth Advisory Board recommendations to the LPS Board and the Superintendent has lasting affects on the daily lives of students through its influence of the policies that are developed following their recommendations.

What will I learn as part of the process?

A portion of each monthly meeting is set aside to develop specific leadership and group processing skills. Additionally, students learn about the workings of the district, as well as city, state, and federal agencies associated with education.

How can I join?

Students who participate in the Youth Leadership Lincoln program during their sophomore year are given the opportunity to join the LPS Youth Advisory Board. If you are a freshman interested in joining Youth Leadership Lincoln for next year, applications are available in the Counseling Center or from your principal.

If you are a sophomore, junior or senior interested in joining the LPS Youth Advisory Board, please contact your principal. Principals are asked each year to recommend students who they believe have the ability to listen well, think critically, and share openly.

Lincoln Public Schools Youth Advisor

What work do you do?

The Youth Advisory Board meetings monthly to discuss issues of importance to students in the Lincoln Public Schools. The Youth Advisor helps facilitate those meetings. The Youth Advisor attends LPS Board meets on a regular basis to share information from the Youth Advisory Board and to give voice to the Board regarding student concerns during Board meeting discussions.

What difference will I make in the lives of others?

The impact of the Youth Advisor would be both long and short term. The Youth Advisor helps the Board of Education understand their business from the student perspective. In doing so, each action by the Board has a greater likelihood of being designed and implemented with an awareness of the needs of Lincoln Public Schools students.

What will I learn as part of the process?

The Youth Advisor will work with a designee from the Superintendent’s Office to develop the leadership and facilitation skills necessary to lead groups of students and adults in focused, strategic work. The Youth Advisor will work with LPS Board Members to better understand the Board process and the different policies and practices that impact the growth in achievement and the business practices of the district.

The Youth Advisor is a credit bearing experience. Youth Advisors can earn 5 credits (either graded on the four-point scale or S/U).

How can I join?

The YA would be a junior or senior who would serve a one-semester term and may only serve a single term. During the semester term, the YA would prepare for and attend all regularly scheduled Board Meetings, chair the monthly Youth Advisory Board Meeting that meets before the second Board meeting of the month, and meet with representative student bodies from each of the seven high schools at least once during the semester.

Youth Advisor and Youth Advisory Board Members play critical roles in helping the district achieve its strategic goals.

Lincoln Public Schools District Strategic Goals

LPS Action Plan for Increasing the Graduation Rate

Goal: Lincoln Public Schools will foster all students in learning to their full potential.

Strategic Objective 1

Increase graduation rate by three percentage points for on-time (four year) graduation rate by 2016—with focus on subgroups graduating below average—and continue to support fifth- and sixth-year graduates. Increase volunteer mentor matches with students by 10 percent by January 1, 2013.

LPS Action Plan for Communications and Public Engagement

Lincoln Public Schools will strategically engage the public and key stakeholders to support student learning and meet community expectations.

LPS will develop a comprehensive public engagement and partnership plan by Sept. 1, 2012.

LPS Action Plan on Diversity

Strategic Planning Goal 3: Resources: Diverse Staff

Lincoln Public Schools will make effective and efficient use of the community’s time, treasure and talents.

Strategic Planning Goal 4: Facilities

Lincoln Public Schools will provide a safe, comfortable and secure learning environment for students and staff

Strategic Objective 5

Continue 10-year facilities plan and expand the scope of annual facilities update, emphasizing well-maintained and high-efficiency facilities.

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The Board of Education’s Lincoln Public Schools Youth Advisory Board serves as an opportunity for current public high school students to voice their opinions about issues relevant to their education. The Board intends to develop and express positions on issues of consequence to the Lincoln Public Schools.