Wellness Wednesday

EHA Personal Health Assessment (PHA) is on!

It’s that time! Tuesday was the launch for the annual Personal Health Assessment or PHA through EHA. The survey helps nudge you toward working on your health risks and if fully complete, makes you eligible for a $25 Visa gift card incentive at the end of the school year. This survey is available to all staff members who are benefits eligible, whether you choose to take LPS insurance or not.

If you did not see this email in your inbox from PHA on Tuesday, with the subject line “EHA Personal Health Assessment Open,” please contact EHA directly through its email at pha@ehawellness.org. The option to complete the survey is offered throughout February. Reminder emails will be sent on a weekly basis to those who haven’t completed the survey.

Note: Each person’s code number is unique to you and your data is kept confidential, so do not share your code with others. Here’s to hoping you find this information helpful to your health journey!

P.S. EHA is releasing the Weight Watchers WW online signup this week (slated for Wednesday), so watch your inbox if you are interested. An FAQ may be found here. If you have further questions about this program, email contact@ehawellness.org.

Holiday Hold’em prize drawing winners!

Great news! For those of you who completed the challenge, 89% of you maintained your weight over the holidays and 40% of you beat the odds and even lost weight (Highest weight loss reported was 28 pounds!). Great work! Did you or someone you know take part and win a prize? Here is our list of prize drawing winners: Holli Longe (OT-Bottlers), Jessica Oliver (Campbell), Kristin Haussier (Cavett), Kathryn Kelley (East), Sheri Eichelberger (Health Services), Breanna Incontro (Holmes), Martha Valverde (Irving), Caroline Anderson (Kooser), Lauren Mulholland (LPSDO), Alane Wahlstrom (Maxey), Kevin Deutsch (Mickle), Michael Mason-D’Croz (Northeast), Teri Baustert (Riley), Autumn Wardyn, Betty Pters (Southeast), Michelle Tricia Ostermeier (Southwest), Dionne Keys (West Lincoln) and Katie Vote (Zeman). Watch interoffice mail for your prize if you are listed.

Sharing the love

LPS Wellness is working with you to think about love in a new way. Hopefully, this month of hearts may become your favorite for an entirely new reason.

This quarter we are focusing on kindness, both to others and ourselves. What little words we say to others and to the mirror may harm or heal? As adults, we are well-practiced at taking our own inventory in a negative way. These activities are meant to help us pause and listen, to take an improved angle to our approach.

Schools are likely to pair wellness spirit week activities with Valentine’s week or sometime during February, so please take advantage of these opportunities for fun. Staff who return their personal, individual results online will be entered in prize drawings. These opportunities are available to ALL LPS staff. The week-long tracker for this activity week is available here. (Staff and student versions are the same)

Schools with good participation in these activities may win $1,000 in funds to support future wellness resources, so making those extra efforts to engage classes in wellness efforts and submitting results can make a big difference. Thanks for taking care of you—and them!

Past Wellness Wednesdays

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EHA Personal Health Assessment (PHA) is on!

It’s that time! Tuesday was the launch for the annual Personal Health Assessment or PHA through EHA. The survey helps nudge you toward working on your health risks and if fully complete, makes you eligible for a $25 Visa gift card incentive at the end of the school year. This…