Unofficial Mindcraft Bed and Breakfast Challenge

minecraft-grass-blockEveryone wishes for their child to be well fed and at their best each day. As we reach this final quarter of the school year and testing abounds, ensuring that students have a good night’s rest and a healthy breakfast each day is more important than ever. To support this effort in a fun way, schools across Lincoln will be taking part in the final wellness challenge of the year, entitled The Unofficial Mindcraft Bed and Breakfast Challenge.

Many students have played the video game Minecraft or have friends who talk about the game. This parody challenge takes two elements of the game and incorporates them in a way to engage students who also love gaming. The game requires players to go to bed when the sun sets and requires them to eat various foods to have energy and health in the game.

During the week that the challenge is held students will simply keep track of if they ate breakfast each day and if they met their sleep goals. A goal range for sleep by age category is included to help guide student goals. Younger students may need some guidance determining their goal bedtime.