Thirst for Play Challenge

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 10.39.07 AMWe hope that this final quarter of school is off to a great start for your student. Each quarter, Lincoln Public Schools district wellness offers opportunities for schools to focus on health through challenges. Our final challenge for this school year is entitled The Thirst for Play Challenge.

The goal of this challenge is to encourage active fun through 60 minutes of play each day along with encouraging students to boost their use of water to drink between meals to help with hydration. Please support them and join them as you can.

Students work hard during the school day and having a chance to be active after school helps them both in health and learning. Some students are already extremely active outside of school, however, many are less so. Helping all children find ways they can have fun while being active throughout their lives is our ultimate goal for building a healthy future for our community.

We also want to reinforce that though water is the best sports drink and is great between meals, that we still encourage kids to drink their milk with meals (or milk substitute if they are allergic) since it is such an important source of nutrients for growing kids. Thanks for supporting that important practice at home as much as possible.

Thank you for partnering with us in building a bright future for your child.