Power of Choice Challenge

We hope quarter three is off to a great start for your student. Each quarter, Lincoln Public Schools district wellness offers opportunities for schools to focus on health through challenges. Our third quarter challenge is entitled The Power of Choice Nutrition Challenge.

The goal of this challenge is to help students engage in healthier food and beverage choices. So, if your child expresses an interest in trying new foods or drinks, do not be surprised. Please support them and join them as you can.

We recognize that not all students have equal access to food and drink choices outside of school. We will emphasize throughout the challenge, when you have options, choose the best option you have at the time. This is a great chance for students to discover options they may have overlooked before that may cost no more money, but might provide better fuel for their bodies, such as healthier sides with kids meals at restaurants you frequent. Helping all children find ways they can build better nutrition practices for their lives is our ultimate goal for building a healthy future for our community.

Thank you for partnering with us in building a bright future for your child.