March Gladness Challenge

We are excited about the Lincoln Public Schools Wellness Challenge for third quarter, the March Gladness Challenge. This effort fits well with character education goals, helping students learn about the impact of both choosing happiness for themselves and sharing it with others.

During the cold winter season, we can all benefit from some extra light and warmth being spread. We encourage families to consider joining students in efforts to make our community a more joyful place. Each family is unique in what opportunities allow you to build and share kindness, gratitude and giving within your circle or through volunteer activities.

You just may be the recipient of a child’s efforts to share gladness, so please do what you can to notice the extra efforts they are making and give them a pat on the back. Positive support from family may help make students build these choices into their daily lives. We thank you for your teamwork in building a bright future for all children.

RSS March Gladness Challenge


You can contact Michelle Welch, Lincoln Public Schools Wellness Coordinator, via email at or by phone at 402-436-1728.

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