Family Meal Time Challenge

Image of stuffed Taco CatWe hope this quarter is off to a great start for your family. If your family has goals of good school performance, being more connected as a family or improving your family’s health, your school is offering you a jumpstart.

The district-wide LPS Wellness Challenge for this quarter is focused on family meal time. Research supports surprising benefits to children and families from the simple act of sitting down for regular meals with each other. The perks range from better social and communication skills for children to improved grades, decreased drug, tobacco and alcohol use as well as decreased risk of weight issues among other benefits. Amazing, right?

Family meal time is really about connection time. If you increase face to face time within families and meal conversations are kept to the positive side, lines of communication within families tend to open. Even if you make simple, no frills meals, the value of family meal time is no less.

Today, families work odd hours or opposite shifts. Few households look as they did on old TV programs. The focus of the Family Meal Time Challenge is to help families think of connecting not only at the traditional supper meal; but thinking differently about how much they take advantage of breakfast or even after-school snack time as connection points.