Wellness Wednesday — August 14, 2020

By Michelle Welch, RD, LMNT, LPS Wellness Facilitator

A chance to focus on you: Virtual Health Coaching with UNL Senior Students

Sign up today! New for this year: All meetings will be virtual via Zoom. Availability is first come, first served, so sign up ASAP to not miss your opportunity!
Click this link to apply: https://cehs25.unl.edu/ccp/nhs-coaching/

Access Code: 2020FALL (all uppercase)

  • Even lower cost for 2020: $15 for entire 6 weeks of coaching for nutrition/weight loss OR fitness
  • Flexible for your schedule with no travel time
  • Comfort and safety of your own chosen space

You are the student’s only client, building a personalized, individualized plan for you with plenty of support, backed by sound, up-to-date nutrition/fitness research and class professor oversight. Participants are partnered with a senior-level student in Nutrition or Fitness Health Sciences for weekly virtual coaching sessions about their individualized nutrition or fitness goals, giving you the boost you may need to gain knowledge and get new, positive habits built to support your health. For more information, assistance with the application process or to ask questions: Nutrition Professor Andrea Laughlin, MS, RD, LMNT at: andrea.dier14@hotmail.com or Fitness Professor Nick Reimers at nickreimers10@gmail.com.

Great first week

I have seen heroic examples this week of your capability to evolve and do it with class, pep and support for others. We are usually the drivers of change as leaders in classrooms and hallways, so I am amazed, but not surprised, by your ingenuity and positive ways you made this week great. Kudos to you.

That said, these shifts ask much of our noggins. Do what you can to take care of yourself this weekend. Bask in a cozy book, good run or rocking playlist. Keep your sourdough starter alive or up your mask game – whatever brings you back to a place of comfort and support. It might just be an awesome nap!

I believe in you. I believe in us. We can do this with each other’s support and some healthy dollops of humor and kindness. My favorite quote of the week: “As you’re going through life, whatever your goal, keep your eye on the donut, and not on the hole.” ~ Tim Elmore

(Sorry if this quote made you instantly hungry for donuts.)

Wishing you a great first weekend!

Sometimes I wear pants on my face

When was the last time you wore pants on your face? For me, it’s a fairly regular occurrence. You see, I’m a big fan of sustainability, so when I was making masks for the masses, I started exploring those rarely worn recesses of my closet. Those items where the texture or fabric were great; but the items no longer “fit” the times.

So, mixed in with my character material masks are some awesome silk pants masks, skirt masks and even some masks out of an 80s dress I made for 4-H, turned sorority recruitment dress, turned mask. They are some of my favorites.

These times are challenging us to think in new ways. Maybe you will find the solution to some of your school prep considerations have been right in front of your face if you look at them in new ways. Hoping you find some of your most surprising solutions become some of your favorites, too.