2020–2021 Wellness Offerings

LPS Wellness cares about our staff, students and families being well and staying well. Partcipation, while fun and encouraged, is voluntary. Please consider taking part in any/all offerings available to you.

LPS Wellness and UNL collaborative wellness programs are available to all LPS staff, substitutes, volunteers and adults in partnered organizations (e.g. TeamMates, CLC, Foundation for LPS). Spouses and partners are welcome as well.

Continuum Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services are open to all employees.

Educators Health Alliance Blue Cross Blue Shield (EHA) Wellness Programs are only available to full and part-time LPS staff who are insurance benefits eligible, no matter their choice of insurance coverage or not. Benefits such as WW discounts depend on insurance election. Spouses may take part in EHA activities only if covered by LPS insurance, after verification of coverage.

Staff and Spouses Combined


  • UNL Health Coaching Opportunity Semester 1
  • Biometric measures available at participating school locations
  • Holiday Hold’em Weight Maintenance Challenge for staff
  • October: Insurance-EHA Mindfulness Matters
  • December: Insurance-EHS Laughter Lifts


  • UNL Health Coaching Opportunity for Staff Semester 2
  • February: Insurance-EHA Online Health Surveys
  • February: Insurance-EHA Arise and Shine


  • March 22–May 2: Insurance-EHA Route 66
  • June: Insurance-EHA Let’s Face It
  • August: Insurance-EHA Joyful Joints


  • Continuum Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Counseling and Resources
  • Insurance EHA Supported Web Apps
    • Online Weight Watchers (WW) discount, may join/drop at any time through contact@ehawellness.org
    • Head Space App (coming this fall)
  • Insurance EHA Trackers to support health
    • These online trackers are a check-off tool used by staff trying to maintain long-term health
      • Excercise for Energy
      • Eat for Health
      • Sleep for Success
      • Hydrate for Power
      • Focus for Mindfulness

Staff and Students Combined


  • Focus: Social-Emotional
  • Sneaker September & Dashing December Fridays: Wear Sneakers


  • Focus: Nutrition
  • Fitness February Fridays: Wear Sneakers


  • Focus: Activity