Lefler Middle School

Veterans visit Lefler Middle School

The media center at Lefler Middle School buzzed with chatter the morning of Tuesday, November 5. Seventh-graders sat in small groups at tables around the room. The focus of their attention: the military service member or veteran seated across from them.

That day, 12 actively serving or veteran members of the U.S. military came to speak with students about their experiences in the armed forces. Many of them brought memorabilia from their time serving, from medals to photographs, and students were even able to try on a helmet and attempt to lift a rucksack.

At the end of it all, the students said they learned things they never knew about the military, including the different jobs a person can have, or the tremendous sacrifices soldiers make when they decide they’re going to go and defend their country.

The event was organized by the 7th- and 8th-grade history teachers at Lefler, who knew the students would get so much more from asking questions and speaking with veterans, rather than sitting in the classroom reading about why we honor our military servicemen and women on Veterans Day.

It was the first time Lefler put on an event like this, and many of the teachers said they hope to see it continue in the coming years.