Kooser Elementary

Dear Veterans,

Thank you for never failing to protect us, to protect our country. You certainly don’t have to, but you do. And coming from us, all I can say is we greatly appreciate it. We’re also very thankful for you. After all, most of you guys and girls are the reason we’re all still alive! I’m so glad to have Veterans Day, where we can honor Veterans living, retired, and past because you have earned so much respect and honor.

Today is the day we get to show it. I hope this letter can even show a sliver of our appreciation towards all of you because you deserve it. You deserve the world for what you have sacrificed, fought and done for this country. So, thank you!

Alexis (Lexi)

Dear Veterans,

Thank you for all you’ve done. Whether it’s fought in a battle, stayed at home, are still in training, left your family or anything else. You are able to help keep our country safe, and I thank you very much on that.

I’m grateful that you protect our ability to learn and our workforce and help us live safely.  It’s hard to believe that you and other military soldiers were willing to leave your families and risk your lives to help millions of others that you didn’t really have any relationship with, like me. So, thank you so much for all you do.

Thank you for making sure our country is safe.


Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a day where we celebrate the people who have helped serve and protect our country. The reason why this day is so important to me is because the people who have helped protect our country have died or gotten hurt while serving our country. I think it’s amazing how much they want to help. I also think everyone should be grateful for veterans. So, I just want to thank all those veterans out there who have served and those who continue to serve.

Thank you,


Dear Veterans,

Millions of people all over the world want to say thanks for your dedication to save the U.S. You have sacrificed your time, and possibly your LIFE, to save thousands of families! Your bravery and courage from everyone one of you veterans has helped shape our country! From coast to coast, Hawaii to Washington, our country can’t say thank you enough. I believe that everyone has helped the US – maybe a little, maybe a lot.  But you all have been so generous, taking the time to leave all behind and go fight for us.

What you have done is not something everyone does. You have done the impossible. So, for every single veteran out there, thank you for everything!

Thank you,



November 5, 2018

Veterans Day is a day of honor, of freedom and for remembering those who are gone. They have risked their lives for us, when they didn’t have to. Have you ever just looked at the flag and said, “Thank you for letting me see this today?” We now all feel protected, freed and safe from something that could hurt us. We should give thanks and never let our dreams die for those that have served, but are now gone. Everyday, we should give thanks for what we have now. We are all like angels and Veterans are the wings that help us fly.



Appreciate.    Honor.   Remember.    Freedom.

Very Brave

MEn and women

Team up and

BEcome a family

Help Remember what’s right

And what’s wrong

Helping hands that Never leave