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Dell Chromebook 11 Schedule of Repairs and Fines

The Dell Chromebook 11 is issued to students in grade 12 during the 2020-21 school year.

*In an effort to save families money, when inventory allows the repair center will use reconditioned parts in place of new parts. 

CLICK on the image for a graphic labeling the components listed below.

Device Replacement$196
11.6" Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)$45
LCD Bezel$7.50
LCD Bezel Bumper$2
Bottom Base$7.50
LCD Assembly Cover$25
DC Input Cable & Assembly$2
Signaling Cable & Assembly$7.50
Assembly Sim Card Door$2
Speaker Module$5
Palmrest Assembly$25
AC Power Adapter - Brick$16
AC Power Adapter - Cord$2
LCD Hinge, Right or Left$2.50
Carrying Case / Sleeve$18
Carrying Case: Strap$3.50
Carrying Case: Pouch$3
Wireless Card$16
I/O Board$23