Thank you for your interest. The 2023 conference has been CANCELED

2023 CLASS Conference

June 29 & July 11 at Don Clifton!

The LPS CLASS Conference is a yearly professional learning event that provides opportunities to explore how digital tools can support teaching and learning.

The 2023 CLASS Conference theme is “Work Smarter, Not Harder.” Sessions will focus on digital tools aligned within the 4 Domains of Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching, LPS Board Goals, and AVID best practices.

In-person sessions will be held at the Don Clifton Professional Learning Center on two dates this summer!​

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Daily Schedule

Choose from more than 20 different sessions offered each day!

Each day offers AM & PM sessions that differ, allowing a person to register for up to 6 unique professional learning topics of their choice in the same day. Think of it as “conference style” learning!



Session topics to help you be more efficient with a commonly used LPS digital tool.

Choose from 4-5 session options (listed below) at this time slot!


Our morning featured session brings everyone together in one big room to learn about technology tools used within a specific Danielson Domain.


Break out into smaller sessions based upon one of the topics addressed in the morning’s featured session.

Choose from 4-5 session options (listed below) at this time slot!



More session topics offered to boost efficiency with commonly used LPS digital tools.

Choose from 4-5 session options (listed below) at this time slot!


Our afternoon featured session again brings everyone together in one room to focus on technology use in a specific Danielson Domain.


The final session of the day is another set of smaller breakouts based upon tools addressed in the afternoon’s featured session.

Choose from 4-5 session options (listed below) at this time slot!

Session Listing & Registration Links


You must pre-register in the professional learning catalog for each individual session you wish to attend.

Build-Your-Own Schedule!

You can sign up for exactly what you need! Build the schedule that makes sense for you by registering for the sessions of your choosing. All of the sessions being offered are 1 hour in length.

Plans Changed?

Seats are limited, so please register only for sessions you plan to attend, and unenroll as soon as any conflicts arise. If you need assistance with using the catalog, please contact the Professional Development office at 402-436-1851.

Do I get credit for attending?

You may be eligible for building or district professional learning credit, as determined by your Principal (building) or curriculum specialist (district).

New to LPS?

If you are a new-to-LPS employee you can sign up for sessions in the professional learning catalog with a "guest" account. Bring your own laptop, but you may be limited to observing sessions, depending upon the tool and your status in the onboarding process.

Mobile Access

To have access to your own schedule, install the professional learning catalog mobile app on a device that you plan to bring to the conference. To do so:

  1. Download the app for your device: iOS or Android
  2. To login, use your LPS credentials and the LPS code: jcsfjw


About sessions?
Kristi Peters (

About the registration process?
Professional Development
at 402-436-1851

Be Prepared

Driving Directions


Bring your LPS-assigned laptop.

If you are a new-to-LPS employee who has not been assigned a laptop yet, you can bring your own laptop but you may be limited to observing sessions, depending upon the tool and your status in the onboarding process.

Lunch is NOT Provided

A break will be provided between AM/PM sessions during which participants may choose to eat lunch on their own. Bring a sack lunch, or explore the food options in southwest Lincoln!

Dress in Layers

The air conditioning can be tricky in large buildings in the summer. It gets chilly sometimes!

Covid Mask

Do you need a mask?

Per LPS and community health guidelines, UNVACCINATED staff are required to wear a multilayer cloth face covering over the mouth and nose during this face-to-face gathering. Face covering is optional for fully vaccinated adults.

The CLASS Plan...

Rather than create a technology plan that emphasizes the “what,” LPS branded our tech plan “CLASS” (Connected Learning for the Achievement of Students & Staff) to articulate why the plan was adopted.

LPS resolves to support, train, and develop staff so that district supplied digital resources can be leveraged to extend the reach of instruction, enhance access to data and expand learning opportunities.

Learn more about the LPS CLASS Plan