Technology & the Family – Resources for Parents & Guardians

Following are resources that may be of interest to parents & guardians.

  • Parent Concerns” from Common Sense Media
    Online advice for parents about screen time, cyberbullying, website evaluation, etc.
  • Net Cetera: Chatting with Kids About Being Online” from
    Downloadable PDF with advice for parents about talk to their children about their digital lives.
  • Parent Concerns in a 1:1 iPad Initiative” by Sandy Kendell, EdTechSandyK
    Blog post about the impact of school 1:1 initiatives on home life. Key Points: Communicate with your child’s teachers. Communicate with your child and set limits. Put supportive structures in place at home. Give it time.
  • The Balance of Screen Time” by Beth Holland, Edutopia
    Blog post about homework in the digital age. Key Points: Evaluate homework by considering… Is it appropriate? Is it meaningful? Is it empowering?