School Technology Leaders

In the beginning…

 … computers and the Internet were new and novel. Teachers used computer technology in classrooms to provide students with an “experience.” Response to teachers’ most pressing technical needs came in the form of Computer Liaisons (colleagues who were “good with computers”) who could provide assistance when they, themselves, weren’t teaching.


… the district is undergoing a digital conversion and the use of digital technology to support teaching and learning is an expectation. Trained technicians [1735] respond to teachers’ technical needs while school “Technology Leaders” help facilitate implementation of the LPS CLASS Plan.

Elementary and Middle Schools in Lincoln Public Schools have a certificated teacher filling the role of Technology Leader in addition to their duties as a classroom teacher. Technology Leaders have three primary responsibilities in support of the instructional use of technology:

  • Communication: Share information about LPS technology initiatives with school administrators and staff and provide feedback to LPS technology staff regarding school-specific educational technology needs and requests
  • Coordination: Facilitate school CLASS (technology) committee meetings and facilitate CLASS committee discussions regarding staff technology requests
  • Professional Development: Assist teachers with assessing their digital literacies and developing professional learning plans; use the school technology plan and data to coordinate and facilitate relevant, regular and ongoing technology professional development

More about the Technology Leader Roles and Responsibilities can be found here.